It’s all about me, no really…

Melanie Mack in black and white

Me in black and white – so much more flattering

I have two personas: I am a (famous pop star) online media specialist (spending my riches in the Caribbean) working and living in (Primrose Hill) Watford, where I live with my (film star) husband and (truly gorgeous – no lie) 7 year old girl Eleanor.

I’m not really schizophrenic, or dissatisfied with my lot, but it seems a bit boring & dull to say everything’s fab, look at me and gloat, but really everything is either OK, or better than that.

Some random facts about me:

I was born in Leeds

I’m the wrong side of 40

I met my husband on when there were 56 UK members (probably all blokes, and me, the token female geek – you can’t go wrong with that kind of ratio)

I once wrote to Jim’ll Fix It to ask if I could sing “Figaro” with Brotherhood of Man. Another girl did it before me though. I was gutted until we all found out what a foul human he was. Now I’m relieved.

  1. Karen
    August 1, 2010 at 8:05 pm

    Hello lovely.
    Interesting blog, rambling to oneself after winkies are in bed is something I love too… otherwise known as marital conversation…..
    Yours is documented, v dangerous.
    Don’t ever get mad with dh and blog yourself into oblivion. Apparently that can lead to the big “D”!!!!!!!!!!
    Love you.xxxxx

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